Alex Steinberg

Independent JavaScript Developer

Muizenberg, South Africa

About me

A Javascript Developer with a passion for building great products that people want to use.

Being immersed in front-end for the past 4 years has given me a high proficiency in native web languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), a depth into web frameworks (Angular JS, Angular 2+, Knockout) and allowed me to branch out into server & database (Node JS, Mongo DB, Meteor JS), build tools (Gulp, Node JS) and mobile development (Ionic, Cordova).

I started and organise a local MeetUp as a platform for local developers to connect, be encouraged and collaborate.

I am always learning and learn best "on the job", so don't hesitate to contact me about your next project 😀

Trade Values


Cookie-cutter tech is for cookie-cutter companies. I prefer handcrafted tech for great companies.


Technology can both create and destroy. The right technology can breathe life into your business, but the wrong technology can drag it down. Choosing the right technology and then tailoring it to fit your business (not the other way around) is where greatness lies.


Technology is created for, implemented by and used by individuals. Paramount to any technological endeavour that benefits society as a whole is the core belief in the dignity of each individual.


Simplicity breeds success. There's no need to rush into a big project with features you really don't need. Keeping it simple gives you the greatest chance of success, and won't break your bank.

Portfolio & Social


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