Alex Steinberg

Business Catalyst Web Development — Cape Town, South Africa

About me

I am a Christian, Web Developer and family man resident in Cape Town, South Africa. By day I do some stuff, and by early-morning I develop websites on Business Catalyst. I have been trained by leaders in the Business Catalyst community, namely One Creative and Chicago Digital. Here are some reasons to work with me:

  • Native English speaker with great communication skills
  • The quality you'd expect from a web development hub like Cape Town
  • The prices you'd expect from an emerging economy with a weak exchange rate

Here are my trade values:


Cookie-cutter sites are for cookie-cutter companies. I prefer handcrafted sites for great companies.


Technology can both create and destroy. The right technology can breathe life into your business, but the wrong technology can drag it down. Choosing the right technology and then tailoring it to fit your business (not the other way around) is where greatness lies.


Simplicity breeds success. There's no need to rush into a big project with features you really don't need. Keeping it simple gives you the greatest chance of success, and won't break your bank.


Here is a selection of sites that I've created:

Livingstone Safaris

I hand-coded this site to mirror exactly the complex design given; breathed life into it by designing and coding the UX; designed and developed the responsive views. (Client: PAD Website Solutions; Capacity: Employee)

Quality Street Properties

I developed a filtering feature using jQuery and Business Catalyst web apps which provides a great UI for prospective customers. The site itself was modified from a template. (Client: PAD Website Solutions; Capacity: Employee)

Tanda Tula

This was my first hand-coded site, and it is still going strong. The customer is able to easily add their own content, and the clean design gives the site a certain timelessness. (Client: PAD Website Solutions; Capacity: Employee)


This site showcases the power of Business Catalyst as it is replete with features such as News, Videos, Image Galleries, Web Forms, Events, eCommerce and more. Hand-coded precisely to a design, it contains several beneath-the-hood enhancements that make it incredibly easy for the customer to manage. (Client: Chicago Digital; Capacity: Contract Developer)

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