Alex Steinberg

Freelance Web Development — Cape Town, South Africa

About me

I am a Web Developer who works for Fish Hoek's best digital agency, PAD Online Business Solutions, by day and freelances by night. This helps me to stay on the cutting edge of my field and to feed my growing family (and the boss is totally cool with it!). Web Development is my trade, and after two successful but truncated careers of Geology and Christian Ministry, I have found my calling. Here are some of my trade values:


Cookie-cutter sites are for cookie-cutter companies. I prefer handcrafted sites for great companies.


Technology can both create and destroy. The right technology can breathe life into your business, but the wrong technology can drag it down. Choosing the right technology and then tailoring it to fit your business (not the other way around) is where greatness lies.


Simplicity breeds success. There's no need to rush into a big project with features you really don't need. Keeping it simple gives you the greatest chance of success, and won't break your bank.